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    LI Studios, Sacher Multimedia Center, an HD television studio and post-production facility, is part of the Leadership Institute. Every project is unique with its own individual challenges. That is why we offer a wide range of solutions to fit your individual needs.

    From a multi-camera project in the studio to an online video for distribution, LI Studios provides professional video content and post-production.

    We are passionate about creating effective, liberty-minded videos and want to work with you to make your project a success.

    Contact LI Studios to discuss your project.

    Studio Production

    LI Studios is a full-production HD
    studio with a dedicated control room.
    We can record live TV shows,
    live-stream and edit short videos for web,
    and use seamless backdrops or green screen
    for teleprompter reads.

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    Post Production

    LI Studios has the post-production and editing capabilities required for any project. We edit in multiple platforms including motion graphics and animation and work with you to create the quality program, or short video you are looking for.

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  • Studio Production

    We offer a full range of studio production equipment and expertise. From short policy pieces, interviews, and short documentary-style videos shot in the studio to field shoots or organization events shot on site, LI Studios provides the equipment and professional service necessary to produce compelling results.

    Contact LI Studios today to take full advantage of our fully equipped control room and 485 square foot studio.


  • Live Streaming

    LI Studios provides live streaming, which allows anyone to live broadcast their message across the web. Every other Wednesday, LI Studios hosts live streamed webinars on tactics to advance public policy, where experts give the lectures and answer a live Q&A session. Register for one of our online trainings to view a live streamed lecture, and learn the skills required to impact public-policy.

    Check out Leadership Institute Online Training.

    Live Lectures

  • Media Training

    LI Studios has trained thousands of conservatives in effective media presentation. Trainings range from introduction to television techniques to on-camera courses which help students fine tune their messages and improve their delivery and debating skills. LI Studios' expert guidance and real-world scenarios train you to stay on message. With a wide range of options, LI Studios will help you craft the perfect media training solution.

    Check out Leadership Institute training, including our On-Camera Television Workshops here.

    LI Training

  • Post Production

    LI Studios is a full service HD and SD Post Production facility offering non-linear editing, motion graphics, animation, and graphic design. Our staff has been creating conservative, liberty-minded videos for cable television and the internet for more than a decade. We provide consultation and experience to create videos that best suit your needs. We have cameras and a studio facility available for recording, and our editing suite streamlines the process to quickly create your video content. We are passionate about telling stories through video creation.

    Contact LI Studios to discuss your project.


  • LI Studios Productions

    LI Studios Reel 2012


  • Contact Us

    Sacher Multimedia Center
    c/o Leadership Institute Studios
    1101 North Highland Street
    Arlington, Virginia 22201

    Telephone: 703 247 2000
    FAX: 703 247 2001
    E-mail: info@listudios.us

    The Sacher Multimedia Center is part of the Leadership Institute.

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